Maintenance Engineering

PH + 64  7 5720240
 misc 108 REPLACEMENT MACHINE SHAFT. - Replacement machine shaft.    ARBOR
Modifications to Arbor,  To improve programmed Maintenence      
RAIL TRACK WHEELS MACHINING. - Rail track wheels machining.  misc 109
Railway Track wheels,  for High rail diggers.                                                                   Rollers for timber industry.
pure pine plates  BAND SAW GUIDE & BLOW OFF.
Hogger Blades for timber industry.                                                           Band saw guide and blow off Meat Industry.
stainless steel food processing rollers. printing shafts. Spark Erodor
Stainless steel food processing rollers.                Printing machine shafts                         Spark Eroding broken stud from cyl head.  
valve spears     316 Stainless Steel shafts spiky shaft
316 Stainless Steel valve spears for
The  Meat processing Industry
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